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Our permanent factory-built structures have been approved by the Division of the State Architect (DSA) for 15 climate zones and with the latest earthquake ratings, making the construction process easier and faster wherever your school is located. Quality construction, flexible infrastructure, and on-demand expansion you can count on for decades.

Complete Accessibility

Complete accessibility for all learners and educators. Learn More


Avendren is committed to making learning accessible to all, not only by providing high-quality budget-conscious construction options but by ensuring that all buildings are ADA friendly. We're committed to making the classroom a safe and easy destination for all.

Off Site Construction

Off-site construction for cleaner, safer projects. Learn More

Avendren uses a controlled construction environment to provide expert execution on every project, with fewer materials and personnel needed on site, less interference/interruption on your campus, and fewer variables that affect time, quality, and project outcomes.

Budget Friendly

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Factory-made permanent structures give you durable and lasting structures, without the risk of cost overruns or construction delays. Whether you need a single classroom or a full school, we have you covered, typically within 60 days from site readiness.

More Classrooms

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Reverse-engineered to meet the needs of 21st century learners and communities, Avendren buildings are an affordable way to add more classrooms and other needed facilities without excess waste, added expenses, and high long-term maintenance demands.

Projects & Experience

With more than a century of combined experience in the construction industry,

the team at Avendren has tackled every construction project you could think of and consistently outperformed client expectations and industry standards. We bring that experience and our commitment to quality to every project we undertake — check back soon to see Avendren in action!


Avendren was founded with one vision: to revolutionize educational construction and give schools and students the buildings they deserve; within budgets their communities can appreciate. We’re working on updating our site with the school and other educational facilities we’ve served, so please check back soon!

Commercial & Industrial

Though oriented primarily towards educational clients, Avendren’s fast and cost-effective proprietary construction method is also well-suited to commercial purposes. From office campus expansions to retail structures, we can have you up and running in less time than you’d think. Check back soon to see some of the projects we’ve completed for our commercial clients.

Project Spotlight

One of our proudest accomplishments is the crowning of a Riverside, CA government building with a massive 63,000-pound steel and aluminum dome. In a project overseen by Avendren founder Chuck Vahovick’s CV Construction, the dome was first constructed off-site, then lifted atop the 10-story building and secured into place in less than half an hour!

Now glistening in the beautiful Southern California sunshine and a prominent part of the area’s skyline, this dome stands as a testament to our precision, our innovative design and construction capabilities, and our sense of civic responsibility and community involvement. Our team was proud to be selected for this project, and we’re proud of the results we produced.

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